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Past Exhibitions

2020 - 2021 Season
Ferrari Gallery
Lobby Galleries
October 16, 2020 - January 3, 2021
Schama_Untitled (Irises).jpg

Gabriel Schama, Untitled (Irises),

2015, plywood,

21 x 31 x 1.75 inches 

The artist retains sole and exclusive copyright © of their photo.

The Carnegie Arts Center is excited to present Cut Up/Cut Out, an exhibition of international artists who explore the captivating methods of decorative piercing and cutting, using a wide range of media from paper and plastic to metal and rubber. The transformative nature of cutting into and through a surface provides endless possibilities for converting the material from opaque to transparent, from flat to sculptural, from rigid to delicate, and from ordinary to exquisite. With roots dating back to ancient China, the art of paper cutting has developed from a decorative folk craft – primarily seen as women’s work – to a challenging adventure for contemporary artists. The process and precision required for this method of art-making is laborious and technically demanding, but the results are astonishing!



Cut Up/Cut Out was organized by Carrie Lederer, Curator of Exhibitions, The Bedford Gallery, Lesher Center for the Arts, Walnut Creek, CA. 

Brown_Small Kernel.jpg

Rogan Brown, Small Kernel,

2013, laser-cut paper, box frame,

29.9 x 35.4 inches

The artist retains sole and exclusive copyright © of their photo. 

Margolis_Salt Lake City.jpg

Karen Margolis, Salt Lake City,

2009, 6 layers of maps, watercolor,

24 x 16 inches 

The artist retains sole and exclusive copyright © of their photo.

In This Time
October 16, 2020 - January 17, 2021

Mark Coggins, It's All good,

2020, archival pigment print,

Copyright © the artist.

In This Time is a juried exhibition for the Carnegie’s Lobby Galleries that explores creative responses to the current state of our communities, our nation and our world. 42 works by 23 artists were accepted. The exhibition includes paintings, drawings, prints, pastels, photographs, ceramics, and mixed media works.


Throughout history, artists have confronted, examined and responded to the issues of their moment. Today, the crises that are actively defining this time — from quarantine to climate change, from social justice to economic uncertainty— fundamentally impact our lives.

Plush or firm. Sleek or weathered. Silky or prickly. Certain art media have inherently tactile surface textures. We see them and immediately want to run our fingers over the work to make a physical sensory connection. Other media can be used to create implied surface textures that engage our senses through suggestion, memory or metaphor.  The four artists in this exhibition use surfaces and textures that invite us to examine their work closely. They also use layers of surfaces to suggest layers of feeling. We are asked to dig below the surface – the visual surface – to explore depths of meaning and emotion.

Manuel Garcia-ITF 283-Hi Res.jpg

Manuel Garcia, a farm worker from Esteli, Nicaragua, shows the the juice from trimming tobacco plants on his hands and arms.

Manuel García, un trabajador agrícola de Estelí, Nicaragua, muestra sus manos y brazos manchadas de jugo por recortar las plantas de tabaco.


Photograph by David Bacon

In the Fields of the North
March 31 - May 23, 2021

Traveling with migrant workers as the fruit and harvest season moves from the Mexican border north to Washington state, In the Fields of the North / En los campos del norte reveals the stories of contemporary migrant farm workers on the West Coast. The exhibition attempts to shed light on some basic questions: How much do we know about the lives of the people who feed us? Where do they live? How does it feel to do some of the hardest repetitive labor imaginable? And, what answers do farm workers themselves have to end their poverty and endless migration?

In a series of evocative photographs accompanied by moving oral narratives – fully translated into both English and Spanish – viewers are immersed into the world of migrant farm workers. Photographer and journalist David Bacon has spent over three decades documenting the lives of migrant workers and organizing with United Farm Workers. His book of the same name was released by UC Press in 2017.


In the Fields of the North / En los Campos del Norte features the works of David Bacon; is produced in partnership with the California Rural Legal Assistance, the Binational Front of Indigenous Organizations, and History San José; and is touring the U.S. through Exhibit Envoy.

Sakuma Farms Kids-ITF 305-Hi Res.jpg
Dancers-ITF 148-Hi Res.jpg

Outside the labor camp, the children of strikers at Sakuma Farms set up their own picket line on a fence at the gate.

Los hijos de los huelguistas de Sakuma Farms realizan su propia protesta sobre una cerca en la entrada del campamento de trabajo.

Photograph by David Bacon

A Oaxacen dance group.

Uno grupo de danza oaxaqueño.

Photograph by David Bacon

Virtual Arts Lecture with David Bacon
Opening Doors Logo image.png
Opening Doors (Friends of the Turlock Public Library Art Competition)
May 5 - August 1, 2021

Opening Doors is a juried exhibition sponsored jointly by the Friends of the Turlock Public Library and Turlock’s Carnegie Arts Center, celebrating the grand opening of the newly renovated Turlock Public Library. Artists from throughout the Central Valley are invited to submit work that is influenced or inspired by the many ways that libraries “open doors” and, as a result, enrich lives.

Yosemite Renaissance 36
August 11 - October 3, 2021

Yosemite Renaissance was founded in 1984 by the Yosemite Art Guild, a consortium of local Yosemite landscape artists. Their mission... “to motivate artists to develop diverse interpretations of Yosemite and its varied landscapes.”  Since then, more than 4,600 artists have participated in Yosemite Renaissance programs, setting the bar for creative excellence and inspiration in the Yosemite area.  Artists from around the country have been showcased in Yosemite Renaissance’s annual exhibit, featuring artwork depicting Yosemite and the surrounding Sierra Nevada mountains. The Carnegie Arts Center has hosted the traveling exhibition for most of its long history, and we are proud to do so again.


For a list of artists and images from the current exhibition, visit


Marilyn Wear

Fire & Ice


Ready, Set, Show! Children's Art Show
June 2 - 27, 2021

The Carnegie Arts Center will present its 7th annual Youth Art Exhibition, Ready, Set, Show!, this Summer. Young artists in grades K 12 are invited to present their creative work to the public in the Carnegie’s Ferrari Gallery, a museum quality exhibition space.

July 7 - September 5, 2021

The annual Carnegie Art Showcase will take place this summer in the Ferrari Gallery of the Carnegie Arts Center in Downtown Turlock. This exhibition will be the finest showcase in the Central Valley for new work by California artists in a variety of media.

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