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1250 N. Berkeley Ave

Built in 1949

2 bed/1 bath

790 sf.


While looking forward to downsizing, the trade-off the homeowner faced was a yard she loved and a house that was smaller than she had hoped for. With the small home came a significant design issue: small rooms.

Necessity is the mother of invention — it was necessary to make the rooms comfortable and not to feel or look cramped. The walls and ceilings were painted light and neutral to give the appearance of being larger. For continuity and a calming presence, the whole-house color scheme is two colors: gray tones and shades of lime green. An accent color, sunny gold, adds “pop” to the living room and master bedroom.

In 2018, the original kitchen cabinets were replaced with IKEA cabinets and the wall between the kitchen and living room was opened, allowing a counter to be added. At the same time, the homeowner painted the three interior passage doors, each a different color — gold, gray, and green. In 2019, the original combination bathtub/shower was replaced with a curb-less shower. Glass was used to create a shower wall, bringing light into the room and a feeling of openness. A new vanity, mirror, and light fixture completed the bathroom remodel.

The homeowner is most happy baking and hosting family meals. It was important that the kitchen not only be practical but a room that could have a “new look” periodically — the open shelving allows that to happen. Dishes, pottery, and artwork/photos are changed regularly, adding texture and “change” to a home that is simple and simply pleasing.

One of the big benefits of living in a smaller space is that it forces you to edit the amount of belongings that you have in your home. In turn, you end up getting rid of the things that don’t really serve a purpose in your life, be it because they’re impractical, useless, or just don’t bring you joy.

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