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850 Murphy Dr.

Built in 1989

2 bed/2 bath

1,488 sf.


The homeowners have surrounded themselves with family memorabilia and furnishings, as well as objects d’art that reflect their interests, heredity, and personalities. The interior and exterior rooms of the home honor Southwest architecture and style. This has been a perfect landscape for the couple’s love of “the West”— the culture and art of the indigenous peoples of that land and its natural landscape.

The couple’s hobby is their home. They design and make furniture, paint, set tile, lay pavers, maintain a small raised-bed vegetable garden, and thoroughly enjoy the home’s courtyards, which they have designed and created.

Everything in this home has a story. Many of the books, mementos and stories find their roots in the southwest where Mexican heritage can be traced for several generations.  

In sixty years of marriage, the couple has sailed the seas, spent nights under the stars and continue to explore the natural landscape, most often with their little travel trailer.



To create a home that feels spiritually alive, we must be mindful of our deepest thoughts and feelings, our connection to wise elders and ancestors, and what it is that lies at the very center of our beings. We must find out what makes our hearts and spirits joyful. — Sacred Home by Laurine Morrison Meyer


Paintings by John Claes available through

Gallery Finesse —  |  (209) 534-7046

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