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950 Sierra St.

Built 1936

4 bed/3 bath

2,626 sf.


If ever a home reflected the people who live within, it is this home. The homeowners are a fun-loving couple with a zest for life and a love of entertaining. Their home is filled with color, pattern, and a joyous aura. This home feels “happy!” Scale and balance are combined with eclectic flair.

The traditional floor plan has been slightly modified, respecting the original architecture and maintaining the scale of the rooms. The personality of the home is intact.

In 1996, the attic was opened to become the primary bedroom suite. In 2020, the master suite was updated with a complete remodel of the bathroom. In 2002, the kitchen went through a complete redesign and remodel.

One of the two original bedrooms has become the wine room. Finally, a deck was added off the dining room where the couple, along with friends and family, spend countless hours enjoying good wine and good food!



A group of small paintings hung closely together to form a dense area on a large wall will have greater impact than medium sized paintings on each of the four walls of the same room. Framed family photos hung above the sofa in the living room utilize this design tip.


Paintings by Troy Viss available through |


Paintings by John Claes available through

Gallery Finesse —  | (209) 534-7046

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